March 2024 – The Montelione Lab and RPI Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology hosted Professor John Karanicolas of Fox Chase Cancer Center and Temple University School of Pharmacy on March 15 2024.

Karanicolas presented his work “Emerging Opportunities in Computational Drug Discovery” at the departmental seminar for RPI faculty, staff, and students. We look forward to future work and continued collaboration with Professor Karanicolas.

The Montelione Lab is happy to have 4 new undergraduate researchers for Spring 2024! Senior, John Ricciardi; Senior Emma Gormley; Sophomore Vivek Sinha; and Freshman, Alex White

January 2024 – Graduate students, friends, family and RPI research staff gathered on Saturday, January 27 to celebrate with PhD Candidate, Rebecca Greene-Cramer and her partner, Spencer.

December 2023 – Visiting Research Scholar and Master of Science Student at the University of Bologna, Sofia Ranieri returns to Italy after her semester with the Montelione Lab at RPI! We wish Sofia the best in finishing her thesis work with our collaborators in the Ciurli Lab at University of Bologna during Spring 2024!

Photo: Montelione Lab PhD Candidate, Rebecca Greene-Cramer (Left) and International Visiting Scholar and Graduate Student, Sofia Ranieri (Right) on Sofia’s last day at RPI

November 2023- Montelione welcomes second year postdoctoral fellow, Keith Fraga to Troy, NY!

October 2023 – The Montelione Lab was represented by Theresa Ramelot, Sr. Staff Scientist and Laura Spaman, PhD Candidate at the 2023 Biomolecular NMR: Advanced tool, Machine Learning. This years workshop was hosted by the Swedish NMR Center at the University of Gothenburg. Theresa and Laura attended lectures, participated in discussions and practiced hand-on exercises taught by leading researchers in the field. The workshop focused on practical applications of machine learning to projects involving protein characterization using NMR. We are excited to utilize and implement these ideas in our future work!

September 2023 – Montelione Lab welcomes International Graduate Researcher, Sofia Ranieri. Sofia is a Master’s student studying Biotechnology. Sofia is advised by our collaborator Professor Stefano Ciurli, PhD at Universita di Bologna in Bologna, Italy. Welcome to the Montelione Lab, Sofia!

August 2023 – RPI’s 2023 Chemistry – Summer Undergrad Research Program (C-SURP) requires students work in a research lab throughout the summer. The experience culminates in an open forum poster session where students are given the opportunity to formally present their work to faculty, staff, and fellow students in the Chemistry and Chemical Biology department.

Reena represented the Montelione Lab at the 2023 C-SURP Poster Session on August 29th. She plans to continue training and working on this project during the upcoming semester. Great job, Reena!

July 2023 – The Montelione Lab said farewell to our resident lab technician, Laura Klang. Klang worked in the Montelione lab over the past 2 years with effort on multiple projects including collaborations with University of Washington and Rutgers University.

Laura has taken a position with Regeneron Pharmaceuticals. Goodluck in your future endeavors, Laura!

June 2023 – The Montelione Lab hosted visiting research scholar, Ethan Li. Li is an active collaborator and his work with the Montelione group “Blind assessment of monomeric AlphaFold2 protein structure models with experimental NMR data” was recently accepted for publication in Journal of Magnetic Resonance.

May 2023 – Welcome to Amit Gaur, Ph.D. in Molecular & Structural Biology starting as Research Scientist in our lab!

April 2023 – Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, PhD visits RPI Montelione lab member and the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute NIGMS Fellowship Trainee, Rebecca Greene-Cramer recently welcomed the World Health Organization (WHO) COVID-19 Health Operations and Technical Lead, Maria D. Van Kerkhove, PhD.

Dr. Van Kerkhove was invited as a keynote speaker to RPI to discuss her experience and integral role in monitoring, surveillance, and prevention of emerging and zoonotic disease, as well as future strategies for pandemic prevention and preparedness being developed by the World Health Organization.

February 2023 – Welcome to the new Undergraduate Research Scholars for Spring semester. We are happy to have Reena Caplan and Suren Zakian join the group.

August 2022 – Welcome to Kassie Hooker, MS. Kassie has a MS in Clinical and Translational Research from University of Cincinnati. She is starting as Research Project Coordinator in our lab!

July 2022 – Welcome to Dr. Anna De Falco, Ph.D. in Chemistry, Pontifical Catholic University, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Masters Degree in Public Health, starting as Research Associate in our lab!

Welcome to Dr. Namita Dube, Ph.D. in Computational Chemistry, University of Cambridge, starting as Research Scientist in our lab!

NIH Biotechnology Graduate Training Grant Program

Congratulations to Ms. Rebecca Greene-Cramer, selected for NIH Biotechnology Graduate Training Grant Program.

Decorative Image of Jingzhou Hao

Graduate Program- Molecular Biophysics

Congratulations to Ms. Jingzhou Hao, accepted to the Graduate Program in Molecular Biophysics at Johns Hopkins University.

Amazon – Area Manager

Congratulations to Mr. Chris Damone, who accepted a position as Area Manager at Amazon. Chris did extensive with in our group to develop this web site.

Decorative Image of Jingzhou Hao

B.A. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, with Highest Honors, Rutgers University, May 2020

Congratulations to Ms. Jingzhou Hao, awarded Highest Honors for her Rutgers University undergraduate research thesis “Conformational Dynamics of Murine Leukemia Virus Integrase in its Complex with Chromosomal Bromodomain-Containing Protein 3” bioRxiv 2020; Structure (Cell Press) 2021